Canine Lymphoma

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About the course

Canine lymphoma is a frequent diagnosis in practice. The course is meant to be practical guide to the diagnosis and management of canine lymphoma. You will learn what are the most indicated diagnostic and clinical staging tests including indications and interpretation of flow cytometry and PARR tests. You will receive an update about the most current treatment options that may be available both in general and referral practice. Both induction and rescue chemotherapy protocols will be discussed in detail, including new treatment options such as rabacfosadine and immunotherapy. The tutor will challenge your knowledge and lead you through management of possible cases encountered in the clinic.

MODULE 1 Diagnosis of canine lymphoma.

MODULE 2Clinical staging of canine lymphoma.

MODULE 3Therapy of canine lymphoma: induction protocols.

MODULE 4. Therapy of canine lymphoma: rescue protocols.

MODULE 5. Challenging clinical case 1

MODULE 6. Challenging clinical case 2

MODULE 7. Challenging clinical case 3

MODULE 8. Final Exam for CPD certificate

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