A Practical approach to Diagnosis and Management of Difficult Canine Endocrine Cases

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A Practical Approach to diagnosis and management of difficult canine endocrine cases (10% online booking discount)

This course will cover the approach to those problematic canine endocrine cases that we are all plagued by.  In particular these are the dogs that exhibit clinical features suggesting endocrinopathy but diagnostic testing has failed to lead to a clear diagnosis.

The interactive case-based format will provide a problem-oriented approach enabling the differentials to be systemically  investigated and a diagnosis to be reached. 

The management options for these cases will also be discussed in the light of the cascade.  The course will have  a particular emphasis on the approach and management of these cases in general practice. 

We will work through 3 cases based on adrenocortical hyperfunction, atypical thyroid disease and the complex diabetic.

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