Raw Meaty Diets

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This course is for vets and vet nurses who don’t really know what’s what about Raw Meaty Diets, what the pros and cons are and generally don’t know how to respond when a client asks about it for their pet.

We hope by the end of this practical and interactive day you will be better positioned to speak knowledgeably and communicate productively with your clients on this contentious topic.

We would also like to invite every delegate to bring with them an example of Raw Meaty Diet that they have been asked to comment on by a client, or seen locally that can be assessed and discussed in the interactive session.

Course Content

  • The behavioural and emotional components of feeding for both the pet and the owner
  • The evolution of nutrition – are dogs really wolves in disguise?
  • Professor Google – what information is in the public domain to guide us and the client?
  • Round table discussion about the questions posed to you by clients in your clinic and options for your response.
  • A practical session to assess the nutritional content of widely available foods and how to interpret the composition table.


There are currently no new dates advertised for this course

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