1322 Surgery of the Hip

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About the course

The hip joint of dogs and cats is susceptible to several surgical diseases, including hip dysplasia, hip luxation, avascular necrosis of the femoral head and physeal fractures. On this course we’ll cover current concepts in these commonly encountered conditions, and review the rationale for the surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Practical sessions will include “performing the perfect femoral head and neck excision” and “options for surgical stabilisation of hip luxation”. You’ll get lots of hands-on help.

What you’ll learn:

  • The surgical treatment options for common hip conditions
  • Current thinking on aetiopathogenesis of common surgical conditions of the hip.
  • Factors to be considered in decision-making for hip dysplasia, hip luxation and femoral head fractures.
  • Advances in total hip replacement, and when referral is appropriate.
  • How to perform a perfect femoral head and neck excision.
  • Surgical treatment options for hip luxation, including transarticular pinning, toggle sutures and iliofemoral sutures.

Course Tutor:    Ben Walton BVSc DSAS(Orth) MRCVS

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