Small Mammal Dentistry (Ferrets, Rabbits & Rodents)

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About the course

Principal Course Master:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jekl, Ph.D., DECZM (Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery) (CZ)

Course Masters:

Dr. Jan Schreyer DEVDC (DE),
Dr. Jerzy Gawor DAVDC, DEVDC (PL)

Course Overview

The number of exotic companion mammals is growing, especially rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets. ESAVS Small Mammal Dentistry course is responding to growing need of general practitioners as well as profiled exotic animal clinics to learn more about dental and maxillofacial problems in rabbits, rodents and ferrets.  Participant will receive theoretical and practical knowledge about clinical anatomy, pathophysiology of dental disease, clinical and radiographic assessment of oral and dental/skull structures, computed tomography examination, and surgical approaches to particular dental disorders (extraction techniques, extraoral approach to the odontogenic abscesses, apicoectomy, etc.). Lectures, wet-labs and interactive sessions all about the small mammals will be provided. 


  • Oral and dental anatomy and physiology
  • Pathophysiology and oral cavity diseases in small mammals
  • Oral examination technique and charting
  • Dental equipment and instrumentation
  • Skull/dental radiography and interpretation
  • Computed tomography examination
  • Medical management of oral diseases
  • Extraction techniques and extraction complications
  • Appropriate crown reduction of teeth
  • Management of facial abscesses

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