Nurse Clinics - putting your ideas into practice

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Nurse clinics are an integral part of today's modern vet practice. They can do so much for our patients, our clients, and our practices - but how do we ensure they're as well run and effective as they can be?

This module will enable you to create clear ideas for planning, implementing, and developing nurse clinics within practice, and is ideal for those who wish to start running nurse clinics in their practice, or those who are already running nursing consultations and just want wish to expand on this area. 

The course offers opportunity to discuss ideas, experiences and problems with others; and will provide motivation, support and information to get you confidently and successfully up and running!


  • Ideas and opportunities for nurse clinics in your practice, and putting these ideas into action!
  • Understanding the competition
  • Using simple SWOT analysis to identify the pros and pitfalls
  • Clarifying the nurse's role, and identifying and discussing areas of difficulty
  • Marketing plan - from waiting room to website - raising awareness of your new service
  • Consideration of charging structures for your nurse appointments
  • Monitoring and development - examining your successes and failures, and developing your clinics in the future
  • Creating a clear practice plan with, and for, the whole team


  • By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:
  • Appreciate the role of the Vet Nurse in clinics, develop ideas for expansion, and understand limitations
  • Devise a simple yet effective marketing plan for clinics in own practice
  • Construct a basic monitoring and development plan to lead the practice team forward, and to continue to improve and refine nurse clinics at own practice.

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