Equine Cardiology - Getting to the Heart of the Matter

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This course is of interest to those wanting to expand their understanding of what's possible in equine cardiology, management of horses with arrhythmias or murmurs and decision making at pre-purchase exams.

The Langford Vets/ University of Bristol team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the day from extensive experience of ECG in the equine athlete to understanding of the very latest developments at the cutting edge of equine cardiology.

This CPD programme will bring you right up to date with the impact of your diagnosis on performance and prognosis, the available treatment options and what diagnostic and treatment options are likely to be available in the near future.


09.00              Registration and coffee

09.30-10.00    Optimising auscultation. Accurate auscultation is the key to cardiology and this talk will revitalise both your enthusiasm and clinical skills.  Sarah Smith

10.00-10.30    How do cardiac arrhythmias impact on performance; has our understanding changed? Kate Allen 

10.30-11.00  Coffee

11.00–11.30   What’s the prognosis for the horse with mitral or aortic regurgitation? The recent ACVIM consensus statement has advanced our ability to provide a unified prognosis for horses with common valvular regurgitations. Sarah Smith

11.30-12.10    Atrial fibrillation; discussion of the current treatment options and what to do if cardioversion isn’t an option. Katya Potter

12.10-12.30    Use of medication in cardiac disease; how can we optimise our management of chronic cardiac disease? Is there more that we could do? Katya Potter  

12.30-13.00    What does the future hold? An update on current advanced diagnostic techniques and what is likely to develop in the future - what can we learn from human cardiologists? Kieran Borgeat

13.00-14.00  LUNCH

14.00-17.00    Practical Equine Cardiology – small group teaching with plenty of real-life cases will be provided in the following areas:

-        Mastering the standard echocardiographic views

-        Identifying common echocardiographic abnormalities

-        Optimising your exercising ECGs


Start date Location / delivery
24 Apr 2019 Langford Vets, Bristol Book now

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