Feline Soft Tissue Surgery

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About the course

Program Director / Principal Course Master:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré Dipl.ECVS (AT)


Course Masters:

Dr. Laurent Findji, Dipl.ECVS (UK)
Dr. Daniela Murgia, Dipl. ECVS (UK)


The ESAVS Feline Soft Tissue Surgery course focuses on the most common specific surgical diseases and treatments of cats. It is recommended but not mandatory that participants have taken the soft tissue surgery I before.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, participants 1) shall have acquired a sound knowledge about specific aspects of feline soft tissue surgery 2) Master technically the most common feline soft tissue surgery.



Abdominal anatomy and specific diseases:
Diaphragmatic hernia, Megacolon, Urinary tract calculi and diseases in the cat

Surgical treatment of thyroid and para-thyroid, Surgical diseases of the pancreas, gallbladder and adrenal in cats

Surgical oncology in cats:
Are cats different from dogs ? Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Feline Soft tissue sarcomas,…

High rise Syndrome, Urinary tract trauma, …

• Abdomen anatomy
• Pancreas, Gallbladder, Adrenal surgery
• Diaphragmatic hernia
• Urinary tract surgery including ureters
• FISS reconstruction
• …/…

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