Surgical Energy Devices in Clinical Practice

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This unique Veterinary Surgical Training Academy’s course covers the theory and clinical use of energy devices in veterinary surgery. It is a practical hands-on one-day workshop covering three main areas of energy use in surgery; monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery, tissue-sealing advanced bipolar electrosurgery and ultrasonic (harmonic) technologies. During the workshop the techniques and technologies will be explained and demonstrated before each delegate is able to use each device in a safe and controlled environment. Emphasis will be placed on the safe and reliable use of each device.   The course is generously supported by Freelance Surgical who will provide numerous energy devices including the Advantage VetSEAL unit, the new Medtronic Ligasure (LS10), the new Medtronic Force Triad (FT10) and an Ethicon Gen11 generator (incorporating HARMONIC® Ultrasonic and ENSEAL® Advanced Bipolar Devices).


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