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The aim of this course is to provide unbiased information on Raw Feeding. As veterinary professionals, we need to be able to open a discussion with clients to ensure that they are feeding raw food safely. Many pet owners will not share that they raw feed to vets or nurses, for fear of being told it is harmful. Owners can feel very passionately about their choice of feeding. It is important to ensure that clients feel supported in this decision. The industry has grown very quickly, leaving education and legislation behind. On this course we will present you with the facts and arm you with the information that you require to hold a positive and informed discussion with owners. 


Over the last 6 years there has been a huge rise in the amount of owners raw feeding their dogs and cats. This is reflected in the growth of raw food companies, from seven to over a hundred during that period of time. This growth has been driven by consumers and has left education and legislation of the veterinary industry behind. 

As a Veterinary professional, you may have found yourself in a consulting room with a raw feeding owner asking questions you have not known how to answer. Often owners can feel passionately about feeding raw and are slow to disclose they are raw feeding to their veterinary practice for fear of being critised. Ultimately you have an opportunity to ensure they are feeding raw as safely as possible.

We have seen many debates between veterinary professionals regarding the benefits and risks of raw feeding. The fact remains there is a lack of education and owners are feeding raw regardless of their vet’s advice. What is needed is education and information within practice. 

Taking the time to educate yourself and understand raw feeding will ensure that you are fulfilling your role and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. Raw feeding is not for every owner but those that have made the decision to feed raw will be so grateful for your support. 

Learn at your pace and taught with a mix of Recorded Webinars, Audio Visual Presentations, Videos, MCQ's, Downloadable Workbook and Activities, CPD Cert worth 7 Hours upon completion. With Full Tutor Support. Up to 12 months to complete. 


Module 1 

The Practicalities of Raw Feeding

To understand the common issues Raw Feeding owners face and how to offer a solution

Unit 1: The Raw Food Industry and which foods to recommend

Unit 2: Raw Food and Behaviour- what to observe and prepare for

Unit 3: Advising Clients on feeding amounts for all life stages

Module 2

Raw Food Safety

To identify sources of safer meat and advise on how to reduce the risks from feeding Bones, Parasites and Bacteria

Unit 1: Pathogenic Bacteria- understand the risks and how to minimise

Unit 2: The risk of Exposure to Parasites

Unit 3: How to feed Bones safely and the suitability for individual Dogs

Module 3

Nutritional Adequacy

To be able to confidently recognise and recommend a nutritionally balanced Raw Food Diet

Unit 1: The Components of a Nutritionally Balanced Raw Diet

Unit 2:Commonly fed recipes and their suitability

Unit 3:Raw Feeding adjustments for Common Health Conditions

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