Anaesthesia for the Ophthalmic Patient

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Anaesthesia and sedation for patients requiring ophthalmic surgery and procedures can present veterinary nurses with an array of different challenges and considerations.  From nursing in the pre-operative period or gaining venous access, up to complicated specific anaesthetic monitoring with safe patient handling for postoperative management.  We will discuss the importance of thorough preparation of anaesthesia, troubleshooting equipment and monitoring considerations along with appropriate ophthalmic pain management.

Specific areas to be covered:

•   Common presentations for the ophthalmic patient

•   Review of pain management tools for the ophthalmic patient

•   Understanding of specific monitoring and equipment requirements

•   Understanding of specific anaesthetic management, considerations and possible complications

•   Awareness of advanced equipment and drugs e.g. NMBA

• Awareness of advanced ophthalmic and intraocular surgery e.g. phacoemulsification for cataracts

•   The patient with neuromuscular blockage: NMBA case example



Lisa Pearce DipAVN, RVN

North Downs Specialist Referrals


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10 Oct 2019 Coventry (Holiday Inn) Book now

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