Neurology for Veterinary Nurses

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About the course

This course will cover the most common neurological diseases presented to practice and the nursing care the patients require. Neurological patients can be daunting patients to nurse initially and a little overwhelming – this day course aims to give you the basic understanding and knowledge required to be able to successfully nurse these rewarding patients. Various conditions from brain disorders, such as seizures, to spinal injuries like traumatic discs will be covered.  The effect the condition has on the patient and the subsequent nursing care that is required, along with the impact that condition may have on the owner,  will also be discussed. The course is aimed at any veterinary nurse looking to expand their knowledge on nursing neurology patients.
Specific areas to be covered:

  • How to perform a basic neurological exam
  • Seizures and movement disorders (and the difference between seizures)
  • Inflammatory brain disease, vestibular patients and other reasons for head tilts
  • Spinal injuries – how they affect the patient and the presentation of these cases in practice
  • Nursing care and treatment for spinal patients – caring for recumbent patients, assisting them to walk, bladder management and other considerations
  • Case studies to emphasise the day’s learning



Zoe Hatfield RVN
Neurology Nurse, Glasgow Vet School


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