Veterinary Forensic Pathology

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About the course

Join us for this two-day course aimed at providing a complete overview of the field of veterinary forensic pahtology and medicine. Relying on a multidisciplinary approach, the structure of the seminar is intended to follow the typical flow of events, from initial visit to the abused animal, to pathology examination and finally the courtroom.

During the second day we will briefly explore elements of canine behaviour and negative dog-to-human interactions, leading to a discussion on the social implications that animal abuse has on interpersonal relationships.

We have a number of expert speakers giving lectures inlcuding:

Emanuele Ricci, Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

Sean Taylor, Veterinary Forensic Clinician

Lorenzo Ressel, Head of Veterinary Pathology

Henny Martineau, Head of Veterinary Forensic Pathology RVC London

Nick Carmichael, Veterinary Director CTDS

John McGarry, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology

Vanessa Whitfield, Senior Clinician RSPCA

XXXXXX, Constable Merseyside Police

Katrina Glover, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Dogs Trust

Jason Fletcher, Principal Prosecution Case Manager RSPCA

Paula Boyden, Head of Dogs Trust

Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice-President American SPCA


*** Please download the programme for detailed lecture information ***

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