Practical CPD for New Graduates

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About the course

A two-day course focusing on the practical skills required for new and recent graduates working in equine and mixed practice. Ten hours of hands on practical sessions in small groups with a smattering of quick-fire lectures based on common scenarios.

Practical Sessions Include
Examination of the foot and basic farriery • Lameness assessment • Distal limb anatomy and diagnotics analgesia • Cardiac and ophthalmic examination techniques • Routine equine dentistry • Radiographic positioning • Ultrasonography of the distal limb • Endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract.

Lectures Include
Endocrine testing and strangles testing • Approach to colic • The non-weight-bearing horse • The mare and foal • Wound management

Accommodation and food provided

Please email any booking forms or enquiries to [email protected] for the attention of Kevin Cody

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