Companion Animal Reproduction - Making Every Case A Success!

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About the course

Breeders are not the easiest of clients and reproduction can be challenging to fit into the everyday life of a practice. The course will try to establish a good system for ovulation testing, pregnancy, parturition and neonates. It will give benchmarks for normal parameters and advise for clients that want to breed, as well as discus infertility, difficult parturitions, caesarean sections and neonatal emergencies. Cases studies will be used after every session to use the theory in a more practical way. Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to male and female reproductive physiology
  • Good ovulation testing in practice
  • Possible causes for infertility in the male and female
  • The pregnant bitch and caesareans
  • Decision making during parturition
  • Neonatal emergencies
  • Pharmacology and reproduction
  • Neutering techniques, advantages and disadvantages

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