Endodontics I

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About the course

This course will give you the foundation for performing endodontic therapies and simple restorations. Theoretical lectures are alternated with practical procedures in our laboratory. Course participants will work in pairs under supervision in the laboratory sessions.

Theoretical topics: 

• Conventional Endodontic Treatment (Indications and Overview of Techniques)

• Access Preparation

• Root Canal Debridement

• Obturation Techniques

• Complications with Conventional Endodontic Treatment

• Endodontic tx – today and tomorrow!

• Vital Pulp Therapies

• Restorative Dentistry (Types and Indications)

• Overview of Restorative Materials

• Cavity preparation and filling


Practical/interactive training:

• Conventional Endodontic Treatment

• Cavity preparation and overview of materials

• Cavity preparation and filling

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