The Colourful Consultation for Vets

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Brian is a fantastic speaker and an expert on the art of consulting. The Colourful Consultation talk explains the system of skills, knowledge and attitudes that allow us to achieve successful outcomes on time by breaking the consultation into five crucial stages:
1.   The client stage: let’s not lose the client at ‘hello’
2.   The patient stage: park problems and don’t start selling too soon!
3.   The PDS link: converting symptoms to strategies
4.   The Consensus Conversation: the 4 things clients need to know to make a decision
5.   The business end: the notes, the bill and the follow up
Each stage is discussed in terms of the specific behaviours and communication strategies that enable us to achieve optimal clinical, client and financial outcomes.
The model is brought to life with examples from Brian’s own experience of running a cluster of successful veterinary practices as well as sitting in on over 2,000 consultations. Specifically  the  model  helps  vets  deal  with  the  inherent  tension  that  comes  with  trying  to keep colleagues, clients and bosses happy all at the time. Veterinary professionals will learn the psychology of client satisfaction as well as top tips on how to liaise with receptionists, nurses and other vets, and keep to time! A key feature of this workshop is how a veterinary professional’s clinical orientation (their preferred diagnostic- therapeutic strategy) relates to achieving each of the four outcomes as well as their long term financial productivity. Food From 7:15pm, location conveniently located by J6 of the M5.
Brian Faulkner BSc(Hons), BVM&S, CertGP(SAM), CertGP(BPS), MBA, MSc(Psych), MRVCS
Intended for Veterinary Surgeons

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