Impulsivity and Self Control with Sian Ryan

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About the course

Self-Control / Impulse Control / Impulsivity / Frustration have become buzz words in dog training in recent years. But what do we actually mean and what impact can they have on the day-to-day behaviour of dogs in our care?

This one-day seminar will: consider impulsivity in dogs, why it impacts behaviour and how we can measure it. It will also look at how frustration may manifest itself in dog behaviour and how impulsivity and frustration relate to self-control.

The day will look at:

  • the difference between self-control and owner-directed behaviour (if there is one),
  • the benefits of working on developing self-control, 
  • the most effective ways of enabling dogs to manage themselves in ways that owners and dogs find rewarding.

Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the concepts, and practical strategies for implementing training programmes. 


Sian will be using a variety of dogs as demonstrations; however, these are pre-arranged so attendees cannot bring their own dogs into this event. 

There is some parking at this venue but it's also used by local businesses so we can't guarantee parking spaces, so you may not want to bring dogs to stay in vehicles. 

Where and when?

Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow, CM6 1DG

9:00 registration for 9.30am start, 4:30pm finish

An optional sandwich buffet lunch is available at £7 per person per day, payable on the day. We need to book in advance so please let us know at least 2 weeks before the event if you would like to take up this option.

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