Ophthalmology in Dogs and Cats

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About the course

Tutored by Natasha Mitchell MVB DVOphthal MRCVS, Veterinary Council of Ireland Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

Ophthalmic conditions are a common presentation in small animal practice. There is a tendency to fear the unknown, so it is important to keep your university knowledge refreshed and updated. The aim of this course is to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in approaching these cases. It is important to perform a thorough examination to achieve a diagnosis and outline the available treatment options.

This course explores the following topics:
• Module 1: Ocular examination in cats and dogs
• Module 2: Conditions of the canine and feline eyelids and third eyelids
• Module 3: Conditions of the canine and feline conjunctiva and lacrimal system
• Module 4: Conditions of the canine and feline cornea
• Module 5: Conditions of the canine and feline iris and lens
• Module 6: Conditions of the canine and feline fundus
• Module 7: Glaucoma
• Module 8: Final MCQ exam to gain your CPD certificate

Vet CPD Online Tutored Courses take approximately 8 hours to complete and can be completed at your own pace and at any time over the course’s 3-week period. There are downloadable course notes and clinical cases to work through, plus – what makes our courses unique – a busy clinical forum where questions and answers are posted and where delegates have access to the instructor for the duration of the course. This always generates some lively discussions and the idea that no one should leave a course with any unanswered questions.

At the end of the course there is a final exam plus a Certificate of Completion for your CPD records.

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