Acute Pain Management in General Practice

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About the course

Tutored by Joanna Potter BSc BVMS BMus MANZCVS MRCVS Dip. ECVAA

This is going to hurt – if only they could tell us… a guide to acute pain management in general practice

This course consists of lectures to assist identifying, assessing severity and management of pain in the general practice setting. The course will cover pain pathways, and the pharmacology of the agents we use and the presentations that are common in general practice, from the non-painful presentation to the emergent and painful patient. There are case studies including geriatric, co-morbid and neonatal presentations as well as local and regional techniques that are useful in general practice


1. Pain pathways, physiology and assessment
2. Pharmacology of commonly used analgesic agents
3. Non-pharmacological and adjunctive management
4. Techniques and equipment
5. Pain presentations 1 – the originally non-painful patient
6. Pain presentations 2 – the originally painful patient for routine procedures
7. Pain presentations 3 – orthopaedic procedures, emergency presentation
8. Pain presentations 4 – soft tissue procedures, emergency presentation

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