Focus on Behaviour Issues with Exotics

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About the course

Exotics deserve special attention. When an exotic pet displays problematic behaviours, they may be kept confined in barren cages so as to prevent further injury to the owner and to his/her family. This, of course, causes further problematic behaviours and can also create medical issues. It is so important to be able to avoid the reinforcement and creation of problematic behaviours. Did you know that well-informed advice, training, and even behavioural referrals are available for exotic species? The first step, of course, is to join us for an in-depth day on exotic behaviour issues – you’ll be glad you did! The aim of this full day CPD is to give candidates up-to-date knowledge on the following topics:

  • The natural behaviour of the rabbit, domestic rodent, reptile, and parrot.
  • Behavioural first aid and caring for your rabbit, domestic rodent, reptile, and parrot.
  • Meeting the behavioural needs of exotics within the domestic environment.


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