Practical Haematology and Urinalysis (in partnership with IDEXX)

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About the course

This practical, full day course is delivered in partnership with IDEXX.  You will be provided with comprehensive course notes and study aids to support the practical skills you will be learning. The course has been divided into two sections:

MODULE 1 - Practical Haematology:

  • Understand how to collect and prepare blood specimens for haematology
  • The preparation and use of a microscope
  • Basic microscopy techniques including the identification of white cells, red cells and platelets, including individual white cell lines and mature and immature red cells, the preparation and staining of good quality blood smears for morphological examination
  • Generation of PCV results using microhaematocrit tubes
  • The preparation and examination of a reticulocyte

MODULE 2 – Practical Urinalysis:

  • Understand how to collect and prepare urine samples for in-house examination and lab microbiology
  • Basic microbiology techniques including the examination of urine samples using wet and dry slides and stains
  • Recognition of urine sediment, including crystals and cells

The course has been structured so that the time spent on practical sessions is maximised and numbers are kept low to ensure personal hands on training. Additional information is covered in the course notes.

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