Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice

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About the course

This 1-Day Accredited CPD course will provide a basic introduction that will enable vets and nurses in first opinion or referral practice, to learn some simple techniques that can be greatly beneficial to help optimise patient healing, maintain mobility and improve comfort levels as part of the multi -modal approach to rehabilitation

We will look at the specific case considerations as well as the use of standard techniques such as effleurage and petrissage; passive range of movement exercises, stretching, improving proprioception, balance and strength building. 

We will also look at the support we can offer to owners in caring for their pets after surgery, including exercise advice and minor adaptations to the home, which will lessen the risk of injury or protracted recovery.

The skills that you will learn will enable you to set up a basic post-operative management and rehabilitation clinic and provide a more thorough, rounded and rewarding service to your patients and clients.

Unit 1:  What is Physiotherapy and Professional Legalities

  • Explanation of Animal Physiotherapy
  • How did the industry start and where is it now?
  • Legal protection of Animal Physiotherapist
  • Registers for Musculoskeletal Practitioners
  • Types of Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation, Sports and Maintenance 

Unit 2:  What does a Physiotherapist do?

  • Anatomy and Assessment of the Patient
  • Gait Analysis
  • Stretching, improving proprioception and balance
  • Basic massage and use of effleurage and petrissage
  • Machines- PEMF, Ultrasound, Laser and others
  • Therapeutic range of exercise programs

Unit 3:  What can an RVN do in practice and how to qualify as an Animal Physio 

  • Post operative care and developing a treatment plan for these patients
  • Osteoarthritis clinics
  • When to involve qualified Physiotherapists within treatment
    • Further education to qualify and associations

      Course Cost

      £245 Full Fee

      £199 Early Bird 

       £175 BVNA Member Discount


Emily Ashdown RVN, DIP Vet Phys, isfmCERT, MIAAT MBNA



This course will count, as 7 Hours of CPD and a certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion. Includes Lunch and refreshments.


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