Rehoming - Level 3

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About the course

Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(6 credits at Level 3)

The re-homing of both dogs and cats has become very sophisticated over the past few years.

Section 1 discusses the implications of rescued animals in confined environments for relatively long periods of time and the problems they pose for those responsible for their rehabilitation.

Section 2 explains the elements of matching homes to animals and ways in which the behaviour of both parties may be analysed and developed to ensure positive results.

Grading/Awards for Short Courses

Level 3 Courses that consist of one unit (2 sections) will be awarded a Pass or Credit.To achieve Distinction students must submit a Special Study of approximately 3,000 words in essay form on a topic of the student’s choice that is relevant to their course of study.

Grade A & B+ = Credit Grade B & below = Pass

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