Transport and Restraint - Level 3

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network)

(12 credits at Level 3)

These two subjects are examined in depth in this module which considered all aspects of transport and restraint for dogs, cats and other species. It will be of particular value to veterinary receptionists and those employed in pets shops stocking animals.

Section 1 explains the animals emotions and fear involved in being restrained or moved and the handlers responsibility to ensure the experience is as stress free as possible. The different ways of restraining an animal are also discussed.

Section 2 covers the regulations involved in transporting animals and the comfort and safety of the animal whilst being moved.

Grading/Awards for Short Courses

Level 3 Courses that consist of one unit (2 sections) will be awarded a Pass or Credit.To achieve Distinction students must submit a Special Study of approximately 3,000 words in essay form on a topic of the student’s choice that is relevant to their course of study.

Grade A & B+ = Credit  Grade B & below = Pass



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