Certificate Dog/Puppy Training Class Instruction

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Accredited by LASER |(formally known as the Open College Network SER) Ref. 126848 (12 Credits at Level 3

Running puppy classes at a veterinary practice, pet shop or locally by a dog walker or pet sitter is an excellent way to retain clients. Whether they are provided free or a charge is made, such classes provide a valuable service to both the dog/puppy and their family by ensuring that their pet is well trained. It also fulfils some essential requirements of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for dog training class instructors. This is not a course for the inexpedience. Students ,must be confident in and around dogs and have some knowledge of canine care and handling.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Responsibilities of the Instructor - Experience, qualifications, coping with stress, using time effectively and practical approaches to running classes.

Unit 2: Modern Dog Training Methods - how the dog learns, traditional and modern training methods, how dogs communicate and fun and games exercises.

Unit 3: Care, Behaviour and Diet - owner expectation, handling skills, owner stress and effects on behaviour, neutering and diet.

Unit 4: Dog Training and Owners - organising classes, discussion with owners and coping with behaviour problems.

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