Advanced Dog Breeding

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(6 credits at Level 2 - 31 credits at Level 3)

At one time, it was possible to pick up the basics of breeding pedigree dogs as you went along although it was a slow process. Only those with great determination, time and money stayed the course. Naturally, the really successful breeders tended to guard the information which they had so laboriously acquired by trial and error very carefully but this attitude is now very out-dated. It is possible to learn the essentials of breeding good dogs quite quickly using modern educational techniques and the Dog Breeding Diploma has been designed to cover the basic knowledge required for successful breeding and exhibiting.

There is nothing magic about successful breeding although, as with everything, there is an element of luck without which no one can succeed and it must also be recognised that success in the long term depends on personal qualities, too. Completion of the course will not, therefore, automatically turn anyone into a successful breeder but it will help you to avoid many of the pitfalls which waste so much time and cost so much money in the early stages. The principles of Genetics, Anatomy, Movement, Conditioning and an appreciation of Quality can be learned in exactly the same way as any other body of knowledge.

A special study on evolution and another of the students choice must be completed during this course

UNIT 1 - Introduction, ethics, interpretation of standards, principles of breed type

UNIT 2 - Anatomy, structure, conformation, balance, movement, abnormalities

UNIT 3 - Genetics: genes, chromosomes, transmission of genetic material, expression, dominant and recessive genes

UNIT 4 - Genetics: single gene characteristics, characteristics controlled by more than one gene, genetic controls, genetic and environmental influences, heritability

UNIT 5 - Pedigree and parentage, foundation stock, prepotence, line breeding, in-breeding, out-crossing, breeding better dogs

UNIT 6 - Mating, whelping and weaning, rearing, nutrition and conditioning


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