Dog Training Class Instruction (Theory) Part 2

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Accreditation by LASER (formally known as Open College Network South East Region)

(30 credits at Level 3)

With Part 1 these Units fulfil of the requirements of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for dog training class instructors. Part 2 will provide the instructor with insight into the interactions between dogs and their owners as well as considering the dog’s perception of his training and the instructors role as teacher. Students wishing to take this course should have several years dog handling experience and have taken Part 1 or an equivalent level of study.

Unit 1 - Problem Prevention - Choice of puppy/breeder. Breed related behaviour. Genetic predisposition.

Unit 2 - Problem Definition - Recognition and interruption of problem behaviour. Unrealistic owner expectations. The adolescent dog.

Unit 3 - The Class - Types of classes -comparisons. Problem prevention in the class. Rehabilitation classes. The dog's view.

Unit 4 - The Home Environment - The dog in the human environment. Training aids. Problem prevention in the home. The 'behaviourist'.

Unit 5 - People as Owners - Human perceptions and misunderstandings. Reinforcing the dog/owner relationship.


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