Dog Training Class Instruction (Theory) Part 1

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Accreditation by LASER (formally known as Open College Network) 

(15 credits at Level 3)

This course has been written to help those who are already instructing to organise and run the best possible training classes either within a club or as their own business, using gentle, modern reward methods of training. It is also designed to help those who are planning to become instructors by giving them an insight into what teaching classes actually involves. The course has been written by members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and of the Federation of Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists, who have many years experience as instructors and behaviour counsellors. It fulfils many of the requirements of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for dog training class instructors.

Students wishing to take this course should have several years dog handling experience and have taken the Intermediate Canine Psychology course, Advanced Canine Psychology course, or equivalent level of study.

Unit 1 - The Instructor: The responsibilities, gaining experience, qualifications, coping with stress, using time well

Unit 2 - Understanding the dog: How the dog learns, tradition and modern training methods, how the dog learns, communication, fun and games

Unit 3 - Looking at owners: why train? Owner expectation, handling skills, owner stress involving the family and children, neutering and diet.

Unit 4 - Taking the class: organising classes, discussions with owners, coping with behaviour problems, ways to keep owners coming back.

Unit 5 - The private instructor and the club instructor: Major differences between the club and the private business venture, practical considerations of venue, advertising, assistants, committee management and maintaining good relationships.


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