Modifying Canine Aggression

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Accredited by LASER Learning Awards (formally known as the Open College Network)

(30 Credits at Level 4)


This course has been written for trainers and behaviourists. It summarises the reasons for aggressive behaviour, the backgrounds and current thinking about the treatment of canine aggression and suggests ways in which aggressive behaviour can be modified.

UNIT 1 - Living with an aggressive dog, the necessity of aggression for survival, normal/abnormal aggression and acceptable and unacceptable aggression. Safety issues and options. The severity of aggression and preventing its development.  
UNIT 2 - The neuro-biology of aggression including neurotransmitter and endocrine function and effect. Supportive pharmacology and manipulation of neural activity by diet and/or natural supplements. The effect of constant stress/arousal on emotional responses and thresholds for aggression. Medical conditions and veterinary referral.  
UNIT 3 - Genetics, learning and classifications  
UNIT 4 - Dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression. Treatment, Conditioning alternative behaviours and alternative emotional responses.  
UNIT 5 - Case studies, Limitations and acceptance.


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