Advanced Equine Psychology

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network)  
(24 credits at Level 3)  

This advanced course in equine psychology builds on the foundations laid down in the Introductory and Intermediate courses. As at the Level 1 and 2, the course work involves a dynamic and exciting blend of academic study alongside practical fieldwork and observation. It will not only be of interest to anyone involved with horses and their care but to all those involved professionally with all aspects of equine care from owners of yards and livery stables to those responsible for animal sanctuaries. In fact, anyone wishing to pursue a career in horses will find that this series of awards provides the key knowledge that is required to thoroughly understand the psychology of the horse.


UNIT 1 - Horse/human relations and communication: bonding and friendship, reading the signs, "speak" horse, subtle communication, horse whisperers and animal communicators, how human problems affect horses

UNIT 2 - Abnormal behaviour problems: dealing with depression, stereotypes, stable vices, foal rejection, chronic stress

UNIT 3 - Case taking and procedure: taking the case, dealing with owners, owner counselling, veterinary involvement.

UNIT 4 - The importance of our part in the alliance with the horse. Trust, choice, concentration, self- control, responsibility and reliability. The listening ear and seeing eye. The importance of low pulse rate and consistent body language. Taking responsibility for our actions. Positive and negative reinforcement.


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