Advanced Feline Psychology

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(27 credits at Level 3)

This advanced course builds on the foundations laid down in the Intermediate course on the behaviour and psychology of cats and gives further and in depth information for professionals in veterinary surgeries, rescue centres, grooming parlours and catteries as well as for pet owners wanting to know more about the cat's relationship with human society.

It provides an insight into why cats behave as they do and will enhance your knowledge as well as develop your relationship with them. It will also enable you to begin to advise other cat owners about the behaviour of their pets This course will not make 'instant experts' but its successful completion will mean that the more subtle elements of feline psychology can be discussed constructively. A special study must be completed during this course.

Unit 1 - How cats communicate

Unit 2 - Owners' expectation of cat behaviour and complex inter-feline relationships

Unit 3 - Behavioural problems with particular reference to inappropriate elimination

Unit 4 - Aggression and how to deal with feline aggression. 


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