Advanced Canine Psychology

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(30 credits at Level 4)

Successful completion of this course will equip you to work with problem dogs and their owners in a professional capacity. The Advanced course provides the essential theory to enable you to diagnose the cause of problems, and to formulate a programme for their resolution. It also presents you with the practical aspects of this work. Students must have completed the Intermediate Canine Psychology course or a similar level of study before undertaking this course. It is also very important to remember to keep up to date. Your Continuing Professional Development can be accessed through our Canine Behaviour Counselling (Theory & Practice), Modifying Canine Aggression or Modern Theories of Canine Behaviour, Psychology & Training courses.

Unit 1 - The Modern Dog/Human relationship - The dog as companion, owner attitudes and how lifestyle affects behaviour

Unit 2 - Training past and present - Early training methods. Modern methods explained, using training aids and the role of the instructor.

Unit 3 - Normal dog behaviour. The way the dog learns, stress and how it affects behaviour.

Unit 4 - Diet, modern feeding methods, additives and preservatives. Modifying diet and how it may affect behaviour.

Unit 5 - Health and Behaviour - Common Problems. How health affects behaviour. Common behaviour problems. The development of drug therapy. Real life Case Histories.


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