Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Home Boarding

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as Open College Network South East Region)

(30 Credits at Level 3) A Pet Sitter, Dog Walker or Home Boarder has a very important role to play in the care of animals for it is only the dedicated pet owner, one who considers that their pet is one of the family, that employs one. The Sitter, Walker or Home Boarder is not only asked to care for a very precious family member but they also have access to and may live in the owner's home. In order to perform their duties it is essential that they have knowledge of a wide range of topics and the purpose of this course to ensure that owners can be assured that their pet sitter or and home b andoarder is competent and knowledgeable.

UNIT 1 - Basic legislation, Licensing, advertising and marketing, records, banking and taxes.

UNIT 2 - Signs of health, basic veterinary terminology, methods of restraint, first aid, caring for geriatric animals, giving medication

UNIT 3 - The five freedoms, Basic principles of nutrition, utensils and hygiene, identification of breeds and basic grooming. General care and management of small companion animals, health problems of small animals, infectious diseases of dogs and cats, disinfectants and disinfections

UNIT 4 - The management of other small domestic pets, zoonotic diseases.


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