Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling

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Accredited by LASER (formally the Open College Network South East Region)

(6 Credits- Level 2 - 3 Credits - Level 3)


A course designed to ensure that those whose work brings them into contact with pets that must be euthanised, understand the best ways of relieving the distress of owners. The course is based on extensive research into pet bereavement. Many people within the world of animal care are brought into close contact with those who have loved and lost a pet. They include veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, pet behaviourists, obedience trainers, boarding kennel owners and receptionists and pet shop staff.


The course is made up of three Units and a Special Study.


UNIT 1 (level 3) - The human/animal relationship, euthanasia, natural death, disposal and euphemisms.

UNIT 2 (level 2) - The effects of pet loss, the attitudes of others, the special problems associated with elderly owners and with children, displacement, grieving, the importance of ceremony and coping with other animals who may pine.

UNIT 3 (level 2) - Replacement animals, the need for mementos, the role of veterinary surgeons and other professionals, and the role of counsellors.


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