Intermediate Canine Psychology

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region) (12 credits at Level 3)

This course will extend and develop the knowledge gained in the Introduction course, bringing in new concepts, that will provide a sound basis from which to progress to Advanced Canine Psychology.

UNIT 1 - The dog's brain: The physical and mental development of the puppy. How early experiences affect behaviour. How dogs learn.

UNIT 2 - Natural behaviours of the dog: What owners expect. Why and how owners seek to change some behaviours. The psychological and physiological effects of neutering

UNIT 3 - Canine Senses: how they compare and differ from those of the human. Canine Communication - verbal and body language. Learning to read the signals.

UNIT 4 - The intelligent dog: How mental stimulation increases the dog's intelligence and ability to learn. The importance of play

A special study must be completed during this course


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