Complementary Therapies for Pets

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A course to introduce pet owners to the use of natural therapies in the treatment of minor and acute ailments in their pets. A great deal of recent research has indicated that ‘natural’ remedies can play an important role in healing. The authors of this course emphasise that your veterinary surgeon should be the first ‘port of call’ but that general health and recovery can be greatly supported and improved by an understanding of alternative therapies

Designed and written by two specialists in the field of complementary and natural therapies, the course covers the principles behind the main branches of complementary medicine from herbal remedies to homeopathy. Each unit has an appendix giving sources of remedies, material and where to obtain further information. The course is an introduction—it does not provide a practitioner qualification.

UNIT 1 - Introduction and Overview

UNIT 2 - Herbal Remedies

UNIT 3 - Aromatherapy

UNIT 4 - Homeopathy

UNIT 5 - Crystal Healing

UNIT 6 - Flower Essence Therapy


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