Caring for Animals in Kennels and Catteries - Level 2

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network SER)

(24 credits at Level 2)

The Caring for Animals Certificate, established in 1983, has proved a useful qualification within the animal care sector for those working within the animal care sector. A minimum of 30 hours practical work throughout the course is required working within kennels/cattery so that the practical elements of the course can be completed even if it is only in a voluntary capacity.

UNIT 1 - Record keeping, Law relating to small animals, customer service, hygiene, health & safety, first aid

UNIT 2 - Anatomy of the dog and cat, Skeleton, Musculature, Growth, Skin, Coat, Senses, Blood, Lymphatic, Nervous, Urino-genital and Digestive systems

UNIT 3 - Nutrition, Diets, Feeding for pregnancy, at weaning and for geriatrics, Stock control

UNIT 4 - Health, Basic animal nursing and first aid, Use of drugs, Diseases, Infections, Vaccination, Parasites, Veterinary attention, Care of older animals

UNIT 5 - Kennel routines, Grooming, Special needs and requirements of: Quarantine, Rescue, Welfare, Showing, Breeding, Veterinary, Hunting and other specialist centres

UNIT 6 - Animal welfare issues, Human support dog work and organisations, Job applications and conditions of employment: First aid (human)

A Student Training Programme is sent with the first two units of the course. This contains the outline of the course, and is designed to ensure that the practical elements of the course are assessed and completed to the required standards. Workplace managers, supervisors or proprietors assess occupational competencies in the workplace. 

A Special Study and an Evolution study must be completed during this course.


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