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A course in the administration, showing, breeding, judging and understanding the world of show dogs designed to fulfil the National criteria for courses provided at Level 2

This course is designed as an introduction to the world of showing and breeding for those who have recently become interested in exhibiting dogs. It provides an excellent basis for further study, help make the best use of practical experience gained during the initial stages of learning about dogs and also help students make the best of their dogs in the ring. The Certificate will not make ‘instant experts’ but its successful completion will mean that the more subtle aspects of the world of dogs can be discussed constructively and breed type, movement and conformation can be observed intelligently.

The course has been fully revised to cover the Rules and Regulations, Conformation and Movement and 'Hands On' content of the Kennel Club’s Judges’ Training Scheme.

UNIT 1 - Introduction, Learning, Methods of Study, Structure of the world of dogs, ethics

UNIT 2 - Showing, Understanding breed type.

UNIT 3 - Anatomy, Physiology, Conformation

UNIT 4 - General care, Training, Grooming, Breeding

UNIT 5 - Stewarding, Ring procedures, Interpretation of standards, Judging

UNIT 6 - Summing up, Responsibilities of show management, Responsibilities of the Kennel Club, roads to success.

A special study must be completed during this course. 


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