Care and Management of Small Companion Animals

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This course is designed for those who are responsible for the care and welfare of small companion animals housed temporarily in a boarding establishment or prior to sale from pet shops. It would also interest those looking after these small mammals at home. The course can be taken as four or five Units. The fifth unit is specifically designed for those looking after larger numbers of small animals within the retail environment.

UNIT 1 - Introduction - Why we keep pets, Choosing a new pet, Suitability of the pet for the environment, Compatibility between pet and lifestyle, Commitment required, Life expectancy, Descriptions of each variety.

UNIT 2 - Housing and Handling - Suitable enclosures, Bedding, Safe handling, temperature, Indoors v outdoors, House training rabbits.

UNIT 3 - Diet and Exercise - Correct feeding, Foods to avoid, Poisonous foods, need for exercise, suitable toys to ensure rich environment to prevent boredom and behavioural problems.

UNIT 4 - General Health - Individual requirements for each variety: care of teeth, claws, bathing etc., Signs of stress and symptoms of ill health.

UNIT 5 - (Optional) Customer care and the management of small mammals within the retail environment.


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