Introduction Equine Psychology

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as Open College Network South East Region)

(12 credits at Level 1)

This course in elementary equine psychology provides horse owners and would-be owners with essential knowledge that enables them to understand equine behaviour, and includes how horses think, how they learn and how they have developed into the animal that we know today. The course work involves a dynamic and exciting blend of academic study alongside practical fieldwork and observation. It will be of interest to anyone involved with horses and their care from owners to animal sanctuary volunteers to those wishing to pursue a career in horses. It also provides a solid basis for further study of the subject at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

UNIT 1 - Introducing the horse: history, development of types and breeds, and the horse as product of evolution

UNIT 2 - The horse in the wild: social environment of the herd: Environment and social structure, who is the boss? Exploring issue of dominance and hierarchy, foal development, the function of play

UNIT 3 - Horses in the human environment: the fall and rise of the hors, changing attitudes - the role of the horse from industrial machine to leisure and sport, an artificial environment

UNIT 4 - Getting in tune with our horse: being with horses, reading horse language, effects of human stress on horses, concepts of reductionistic vs holistic approaches. 

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