Fit For Life - Training, Feeding and Caring for the family Dog

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(2 credits at Level 1 and 8 credits at Level 2)  

This course promotes a happy relationship between dog and owner by encompassing modern training methods and ensuring that owners recognise how to keep their dog in the peak of physical condition.

Completion of this course will cover all the material in Unit 2 of the Introduction to Canine Psychology which will give the student 10% discount on this course.

UNIT 1 (Level 2) - Positive influences on good health: the effects of food, play and exercise, recognising common health problems, the pros and cons of neutering, different ways of feeding dogs, diet related problems and how to overcome them.

UNIT 2 (Level 2) - All about training: the effects of socialisation, reward and clicker training explained, the essentials of early training, canine communication

UNIT 3 (Level 2) - At Home or in Class: comparing the benefits and the pitfalls between training at home and in the class, playing games and solving problems.

UNIT 4 (Level 1) - Teaching the basics: Different ways to teach recall, sit, down, stand, stay, wait, retrieve, send away, and having fun while training, preventing problem behaviours - and putting them right


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