Understanding the Family Dog

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Accredited by LASER (formally known as the Open College Network South East Region)

(2 credits E3 & 6 credits at Level 1)

Now a Level 1 course Understanding the Family Dog is for those who are keen to gain a basic understanding of topics relating to the behaviour and care of the family dog. This course will provide the student with a wide range of basic information which in turn will enable him or her to progress to Introduction to Canine Psychology or Fit for Life: Training the Family Dog. Topics covered: Returning to learning, evolution of the dog, the needs of different breeds, how theories change, natural behaviours, the dog's senses, communication, basic training, normal and abnormal behaviour, health, diet and its effects on the dog. There are four units, and the majority of the student's work will be answering multiple choice questions, plus several short essays.

UNIT 1 - Returning to learning, evolution of the dog, dominance theory explained

UNIT 2 - Natural behaviours, the dog's sense, communication. Man's use of the dog.

UNIT 3 - Basic Training, Training exercises. What a dog needs to be taught and why. A brief explanation of lure and reward, and clicker training.

UNIT 4 - Health checks. Promoting good health. Food and a basic understanding of the contents. How diet affects behaviour.


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