Understanding Jaundice and Anaemia

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A series of seven videos on Jaundice and Anaemia with Fiona Adam. Jaundice is a relatively common presenting sign that is often difficult to navigate. This seven part series demonstrates how to differentiate between the three mechanisms that can result in jaundice- erythrocyte destruction, hepatic disease or post-hepatic obstruction of the biliary system, and how to then use a logical approach to reach a definite diagnosis. Using case examples, practical tips are discussed for the distinction of the pathogeneses, diagnosis and treatment of the underlying diseases. Immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA) is one of the most common causes of jaundice in dogs and often presents in an emergency situation- a review of emergency stabilization of these patients, and IMHA treatment options are discussed, as well as the other differentials that should be considered in these anaemic and jaundiced patients. Topics covered include: -A logical systematic approach to jaundice -Review of immune- mediated haemolytic anaemia -Blood transfusion and OxyglobinTM use www.vet-ecpd.com www.centralcpd.co.uk

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