Yeomans’ Energy Healing Technique for Realignment and Psoas Release for Animals

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Yeomans’ Energy Healing Technique for Full body Realignment and Psoas Release

This 2 day structural energy CPD course is available to anyone who has completed a minimum of Reiki 1, Lucy’s Acu-point CPD  or a similar energy therapy (which has covered both people and animals) in addition to an insurable manual therapy qualification for animals.  (We can provide training if you require either of these).  If you have completed Reiki 2 for people and animals or equivalent and are an insured practitioner with a hands on approach we will also consider you.

Lucy Yeomans is a busy human and animal practitioner.  Influenced by many years of study and practice in energy and manual therapies, she devised this gentle yet powerful and long lasting approach to body realignment.

On this course students will learn two powerful energy healing techniques that will release soft tissue and fascia and allow bones to glide back into alignment.

Students will assess the spine and pelvis for asymmetry issues, apply realignment techniques and then reassess.

Students will also learn how to release the Psoas muscle which is key for realignment to be long lasting.

It is vital that the physical body is structurally in alignment, as any misalignment can cause physical pain, poor posture and restricted movement.

Students will receive a Manual prior to the course containing a summary of human, equine and canine anatomy. The practical course will give students the opportunity to learn and practise energy healing techniques to realign the skeletal structure (including the cranial bones) and release the psoas muscle, for people, horses and dogs.

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