CertAVP Professional Responsibility & Practice Module

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About the course


The objective of the module is to enable the candidate to develop a clear overview of the theory and practice of professional responsibility as it relates to the veterinary primary care practitioner. Candidates will demonstrate the ability to analyse their performance within these areas and implement change and improvement within their practice environment highlighting issues that arise; actions taken to overcome these issues as well as reflecting on their future development needs and their strategy to achieve them.


After successful completion of this module the candidate will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • The candidate will have considered the core competences of their role as a professional within the practice environment in three areas: management of one’s self, management of others and management of results.  They are expected to take due regard and consideration of the ‘ten guiding principles’ for professional conduct as identified by RCVS.  They will have obtained feedback from others (peers, supervisors and fellow team members/employees/reportees) on their performance against these competences as a basis for identifying their strengths and development needs.
  • The candidate will have undertaken a critical career review and personal profile to identify their preferred choices in career progression and to design and put into effect strategies to address their development needs for future roles and to further develop their effectiveness within their present role.
  • The candidate will have undertaken a review of management tools and methodologies appropriate for professional work as a veterinary primary care practitioner and will evidence their critical application of a number of these tools through a small workplace project designed to improve performance in areas of concern or development for the practice where they work.

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