CertAVP Consultation Skills Module

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The aim of this module is to enable the candidate to extend and consolidate their knowledge and practice of consultation gained at undergraduate level and within the first years of practice. They will develop, through adaptation and synthesis of known consultation models, an in-depth understanding of the application of that knowledge to achieve a personal model of a successful consultation. The candidate will be able to evaluate their own practice and develop strategies for continuous improvement in the future.


After successful completion of this module the candidate will have achieved the following learning objectives:

Consultation models

  • The candidate is aware of a variety of different consultation models that are in use within the veterinary and medical profession
  • They are able to compare their own actual practice within a consultation with that suggested within one or more of these consultation models
  • They have identified any development issues highlighted by this comparison and can evidence how they have made use of this information to improve their performance within the consulting room

Successful consultations

  • The candidate can identify the various stakeholders of their professional consultations, can explore, acknowledge and empathise with their expectations and successfully negotiate to achieve a ‘win-win’ solution
  • They can evaluate different definitions of what a successful consultation is and compare, contrast and justify these with their own personally developed definition and that of the rest of the practice team
  • They continuously evidence and critically appraise their own consultations against their personal definition of a successful consultation
  • They continuously explore their personal practice within consultations to find development opportunities
  • They plan, implement and critically appraise the results following changes they have undertaken in response to a perceived development opportunity to improve their consultation skills

Measurement of consultation skills

  • The candidate has developed an ongoing personal understanding of the knowledge, behaviour, beliefs and attitude required for a successful consultation as defined by their own model of practice
  • They are aware of a wide range of possible tools to measure their consultation skills
  • They can measure how successful they are in their consultations and are able to justify the relevance of such measurements
  • They enter into verbal and written communication with other professionals to share the lessons learnt in developing and using various measuring tools within a consultation
  • They are aware of, and are able to successfully negotiate any potential ethical issues when measuring consultation skills of either themselves or of other members of their team. This will include the need to obtain informed consent from clients

Time management

  • The candidate is aware of the factors and issues that impact on time management within the consultation process and is able to take these into account and initiate appropriate action as required during their consulting sessions
  • They can identify ways to do things differently in the future to improve their time management and evidence how they have gone about undertaking this change and what the results were.

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