CertAVP Clinical Governance Module

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About the course


The aim of the module is to promote critical evaluation of the concept of clinical governance, how its principles apply in veterinary practice, and what value it has in terms of maintaining and improving the quality of veterinary health care


The module focuses on the principles and values of clinical governance. Candidates will have the opportunity to relate the theoretical basis of the principles underpinning clinical governance to its application in their own workplace, to consider implementation strategies, and to reflect on its effectiveness as a means of maintaining and continuously improving the quality of care. Detailed application of specific quality improvement activities such as clinical audit is covered in other modules.


On successful completion of the module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Identify and appraise information on clinical governance pertinent to its application in veterinary practice.
  • Explain the key concepts and principles of clinical governance.
  • Discuss the relevance of clinical governance principles, values and processes to veterinary practice.
  • Assess strategies for developing and sustaining clinical governance in veterinary practice, including factors which facilitate and impede implementation.
  • Evaluate the impact of implementing clinical governance approaches in an area of practice familiar to them.
  • Critically reflect on the effectiveness of clinical governance processes as means to improve the quality of veterinary care.

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