CertAVP Clinical Audit Module

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This module is intended to be an introduction to the theory and practice of clinical audit with a clear emphasis on experiential learning through the actual application of audit within the candidate’s practice environment.  The candidate will initially undertake a small review of clinical audit in veterinary practice and develop their underpinning knowledge. They will accrue evidence of their understanding through implementation of self selected audits from within their own practice, their reflection upon the issues they encountered whilst undertaking these audits and their own learning that has developed during their study for this module.


Underpinning knowledge

On completion the candidate must be able to clearly demonstrate their understanding of:

  • What clinical audit actually is
  • How it differs from research
  • The ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of clinical audit within general veterinary practice
  • The skills that are needed to undertake clinical audit.
  • How issues with regard to the introduction of clinical audit should be addressed, including:
    • culture
    • communication
    • team working.

Application within practice

On completion the candidate must be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Select appropriate areas for clinical audit within their practice
  • Utilise evidence based veterinary medicine (EBVM) in clinical audit
  • Apply the clinical audit cycle for planning and implementing clinical audit in veterinary practice
  • Critically review audits
  • Make real and sustainable change to their practice by the use of clinical audit.

Post-audit application

On completion the candidate must be able to demonstrate that they have reflected on:

  • How they plan to continue to use clinical audit within their practice
  • How they see clinical audit developing within the veterinary profession as a whole
  • Whether national audits are desirable and practical
  • How the profession can best share data to help set national targets
  • How the profession can use clinical audit to learn from each other

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