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The aim of the module is to provide veterinary surgeons with the opportunity to develop their coaching and mentoring skills and to manage coaching and mentoring programmes.

The module is particularly aimed at veterinary surgeons in practice, but is relevant to veterinary surgeons working in all areas of veterinary activity.

It is expected that learning will be workplace-based and to be related to individual professional development and/or organisational development aims. The focus will be on developing the coaching skills of candidates and on the development and management of a coaching framework within practice.


On successful completion of the module, candidates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of organisational frameworks and models as well as sources of knowledge and evidence for coaching and mentoring;
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and ethical understanding of factors important in coaching and mentoring including organisational culture, veterinary practice, professional standards and corporate and clinical governance;
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of the coaching and mentoring relationship, including the requirement to agree on a clear and effective contract;
  • Select and justify approaches to providing coaching or mentoring interventions;
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in the development of a framework for development of coaching and mentoring within their own area of practice, including the effective use of veterinary practice resources;
  • Critically evaluate coaching and mentoring programmes in veterinary practice;
  • Communicate the purpose of coaching and mentoring programmes effectively to all stakeholders in veterinary practice.


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